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Partner with Family Watchdog to keep your community safe

• Set up a free community safety portal, at no cost to you or your community
Rather than building a site of your own, why not use ours? You can easily build your very own, free, co-branded community safety portal, complete with all the stuff FamilyWatchdog.us provides:
• free safety tips
• free alerts when the federal government issues a food or product recall
• send your own free alerts to your visitors
• free mobile web site complete with maps
• free mobile alerts
• the ONLY national database of registered offenders updated multiple times throughout the day
• the ONLY offender service IN EXISTENCE that provides FREE help to our visitors
• the ONLY service of our kind that helps resolve incorrect offender information Your cost for us to provide this service for you? Free. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

• Locate offenders in your district
Even if you don't register to receive our notifications, you can use Family Watchdog to search for offenders in your area. Simply put in the address you would like searched and we will show you a map of your area that displays the offenders around you.

• Locate out of state offenders who may be in your community
Use Family Watchdog to locate the offenders that are registered for not only your state, but all state's registries. This is a great tool for finding offenders who have failed to notify you that they have moved to your area. Since Family Watchdog collects information from all states registries, they will include offenders that may not be registered for your state's registry. Use this information to check for offenders who have failed to register when they move or contact the state's registry that is providing the information if it invalid so they can get updated information.

Join the growing number of police jurisdictions and cities that have established their own free portal today. Click here to begin. It's free and easy.